Fourteen Trees Of Rotterdam: A Guide For City Exploration

Ladenburg, Alice

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“Rotterdam is known for its innovative and futuristic architecture. But it is also a city of trees – living things that can also be interpreted as architectural monuments central to urban life. Focusing on fourteen trees in central Rotterdam, this guide gives a fascinating insight to the city from historical, cultural and botanical perspectives”, this work combines a scientific approach with historical framing, making use of Terrestrial Laser Scanning to create a detailed 3D model of the tree in order to “illustrate tree architecture (i.e. its structure and shape) – which is now known to determine how a tree interacts with its environment”, a richly illustrated arboreal city guide, design by Peter Foolen and Alice Ladenburg, stapled, 23 x 16 cm, 36 pages, ed/350, Rotterdam Eindhoven 2021