How To Have The Most Fun With CakessSsss

Gray, Carmen + Maria de la O Garrido

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“What started with finding a cake cookbook that was about as cute as it was outrageous has been distorted and transformed into a slice of our own everyday life fantasy. An assortment of our melting reveries, standing jokes, recurrent dreams and revolutionary and artistic references.

The book originally addressed the ideal 50’s housewife, including instructions on how to bake a cake and still have time to clean the house. By warping and rebuilding these we attempt to bombard an unacceptable discourse that is sadly still present nowadays.”

A zine in the style of a 50’s household magazine; using the Betty Crocker cake as their creative medium, the artists provide a satirical commentary on 1950s gender roles by pouring altered source materials in witty and trippy new constellations, adding a dash of pop culture, and topping it off with some philosophical references, includes texts by Raoul Vaneigem, Betty Crocker, Andrea Abreu, Guy Debord, Gertrude Stein, Allan Kaprov, Derek Jarman, Georges Perec, Gil J. Wolman, Destiny’s Child and Lefebvre.

Published on the occasion of the ‘Cake Disaster’ collective performance, text in English and Spanish, full-colour riso-printed, stapled, 20 x 14 cm, 22 pages, 1st ed/100, n.p. 2021