Las Termitas No Piensan En Rima

Porras, José Enrique

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an ingeniously constructed work of termite poetry; consists of a booklet and a thick paper card with poetic words and sentences in Spanish, these sentences have been scrambled into a big letter soup, fortunately, the termites are here to help us; they have eaten little holes in the pages of the booklet, holes that line up perfectly with the letters for each individual poetic word or sentence, simply slide the card with the letters behind each termite-treated page to see the poems magically appear through the holes!

Illustrated instructions on how to handle the work are provided on the inside of the back cover, comes with a loose sheet with English translations of the poetic phrases, the individual parts of this work are held together by an intaglio-printed paper band, sewn, 21 x 14 cm, 36 not numbered pages and two loose inserts, numbered/60, Veracruz 2019