NETbook 3: Spring Celebration Birch Tree Sauna

PrintRoom et al.

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Issue no.4 in “a series of publications initiated by X Marks the Bökship and PrintRoom which takes self-publishing as a starting point for other “self-reliance” projects. These projects are made by a small group of artists and designers – often after a collaborative exercise or workshop – and distributed via like-minded small publishers and publishing platforms using Risograph printing facilities. Each NETbook dips into a particular field of knowledge and presents a selection of findings with an emphasis on process, sharing and collective experience.”

this issue “celebrates Spring and the ancient tradition of cleansing bodies and minds through the ritual of sauna. Of course, sauna happens all through the year (and wherever one wishes to make it, according to the instructions in this guide), but Spring is when the richest sap has risen, and the leaves appear: a moment to emerge from hibernation, to unfurl limbs and ideas and absorb new, renewing energies collectively.”

with contributions by Lianne Enkhuizen, Mari Keski-Korsu, Karin de Jong, Barry Sykes, Katarina Jazbec, Ash Kilmartin, Mark Mullee, Rachel Sender and Contemporary Wild, with a loose folded insert (19 x 27,5 cm) featuring a crossword puzzle by Sykes, stapled, 20,5 x 15 cm, 36 pages, Rotterdam 2018