One Dog Policy

Astikainen, Maija

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“Dogs have become our family members and furry babies. They represent simultaneously fragments of wild nature inside our homes and similar creatures, kind of special humans. They are like us, but still others.

The series One-Dog Policy contemplates the roles that we assign to dogs. The photos play with anthropomorphism, the habit of adding human characteristics to animals. The illusion of likeness leads to misinterpretation. Dogs look guilty or depressed, laughing or blaming. They become imaginary persons.

The series of portraits was shot in Finland, Great Britain and Spain during the years 2010-2016.”

63 photographs of highly glamourous dogs with distinct characters — one wonders if their owners resemble them, or is it the other way around? — a foreword and 2 essays (by Helen Korpak and Lilsa Mayow respectively).

Glossy soft cover, 22 x 17,5 cm, 100 pages, Helsinki 2016

ISBN: 978-952-68478-3-2