Rushprint #001 – Ding Ding

Wit, Heike de (Ed.)

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This issue of the student-made yearly graphic design magazine of ArtEZ hogeschool voor de kunsten, Arnhem deals with the typographical shapes known as dingbats: 

“The current Issue #1 is a collection of various techniques of the ornamental and symbolic shaping of the dingbat. The last edition, Rush Print #0, was all about bad type and the conflict between what is seen as bad or good typography. This issue consisted of various interviews and examples from the Graphic Design students of ArtEZ Arnhem. For this issue, we looked at typographical objects other than letter-shapes. The dingbat and its histories became a point of entry to combine our interests in typography and non-linguistic communication through illustration, patterns and stickers. Dingbats come in sets of the same genre or feel. From tailpieces, fleurons, emoticons, symbols, objects etc.”

With an introduction by Jinsun Bae, Sumin Choi and Zhizhong Keene, riso-printed, soft cover, 22,5 x 17 cm, 56 not numbered pages, (Arnhem) 2021

ISSN: 2772-4093