Without Memory

Nijs, Jessey de

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A series of stills from a video work, arranged across the pages together with various b/w illustrations; the video work consists of captioned footage showing a young man who describes his loss of memory and estrangement, his words are sometimes accompanied by nostalgic-looking scenes, heightening the sense of estrangement is the sheer white curtain that has been montaged into the footage, this blank curtain, softly billowing, obscures the faces of the people and other identifying features.

The result is a visual sequence that evokes both a sense of melancholia and tranquillity while asking pertinent questions about the connections between words and image, self and other, as well as dream and reality, stapled, transparent plastic cover, held together by a rubber band, 18 x 13 cm, 48 not numbered pages, numbered/20, n.p. 2019