The Globus Effect

Gugu, Vladimir

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“The prose debut of Vladimir Gugu describes a peculiar quality of time over the span of his six short stories: obsession over common objects deemed precious and self-assigned missions that need to be completed, You discover a hypersensitivity to human nature through a fine dissection of character, amplified by an inclination towards cause and effect analysis - where do these people come from? what brought them here today, into this story? Reality cracks at some point, and fantasy creeps in through assumption, imagination, or paranoia. Dense and descriptive, reading feels like a real-time rendering of an image, becoming more detailed by the second and guiding your eyes to points of interest or fear, a book about tension and obsessions.”

The soft cover is perforated, and so is every page, the hole pierces every page and eats up parts of some words to match the narrator's feelings of discomfort, and ties the knot in his throat...“

6 stories, with a foreword by the editor, Vlad Mat, soft cover, 18 x 11 cm, 96 not numbered pages, Bucharest 2022

ISBN 978-973-0-37290-8