Cloud Inverse

Mascini, Vibeke

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a book published as the result of an attempt to reach the summit of Mont Blanc, with many diary-like notes and illustrations that document the trek and the artist’s musings, “Along my journey I stumbled upon many people, and a few animals, who have reached for mountaintops throughout the centuries. I noticed that by moving up the mountain I was able to move along with all of them, almost finding the footprints of de Saussure ascending in the fresh snow, the traces of the astronomical observatory swallowed by the mountain’s snowy dome and even hearing the echo of the propellers of that pilot who first descended on the summit of Mont Blanc.

Cloud Inverse describes my expedition of 17 days in which I travelled through a diverse landscape, both geographical and imagined, before finally arriving at an obscure mountain top”, with several fold-out pages, soft cover in dust jacket, 24 x 16,5 cm, 94 pages, Amsterdam 2017