Moskal, Mikołaj

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“When living things bloom & molder all in a heartskip, when they expand toward death, this is what worms hear.

 Artist’s book of paintings by Mikołaj Moskal: gouache, archival paper elements, simple & meaningful captions. REMMUS is a graft of Podlasie earth-water-sky and Mikołaj’s pigments, heart, and intuition. Designed in close collaboration with graphic artist and designer Kaja Gliwa.

The paintings are bracketed by a poem each by Kuba Niklasiński (“Flows | Flaws”) and Stefan Lorenzutti (“What Worm Heard”), handwritten by Mikołaj in English and Polish.”

A collection of paintings showing striking silhouettes of geometric and organic forms against a contrasting background, accompanied by a handwritten poem, soft cover, 17 x 12 cm, 44 not numbered pages, ed/500, Jeżowa Woda 2021

ISBN: 978-83-954871-9-4