Wobby #11 Daarom!

Schalk, Marjolein et al. (Eds)

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“This time 'Daarom!' ('That's why!') is the theme of our new 11th edition of Wobby in which we focused on the possible answers to all the questions asked during these troubled times. It fitted so well with the theme of this year's 'Graphic Matters' that we decided to launch it there during our Radio Wobtit program”, Wobby is a project by Jeroen de Leijer, Marjolein Schalk and Steppie Lloyd Trumpstein, this issue contains contributions by guest artists Sanne Boekel, Jan Hamstra, Geran Knol, Philip Lindeman and Gees Voorhees, and guest writers Emma Burns, A. H.J. Dautzenberg, Jerry Hormone, and Christiaan Weijts, text in Dutch, stapled, 25 x 17 cm, 40 pages, n.p. 2017