Non-Functional Thoughts 1978-2018

Pietroiusti, Cesare

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“The persistence of thoughts of such a kind in individual memory is very rare. If they are not fixed by writing or other means, they tend to disappear in a short time. This process of erasure operates in a similar manner to what happens during the forgetting of dreams. One of the central ideas behind my work is that it is possible to make an artwork which concentrates attention on non-functional thoughts. My practice is an attempt to better articulate these thoughts by building a communicative context in which they can be recognised by others as part of a shared patrimony. At best, this investigation points to the possible existence of a psychic dimension which is generally ignored. The non-functional thought I deal with can retain the form of a ‘project’ or, as in this publication, of an ‘instruction’ which, through various technical choices, and in different circumstances, can become an element of communication and of socialisation”, a great many instructions or exercises such as: “Start an art gallery that only sells immaterial artworks” or “Make a list of everything you can do using your hands”, design by Astrid Seme, translations by Victoria Dejaco, text in German and English, stapled, 21 x 15 cm, 120 not numbered pages, Vienna 2018