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“Since time immemorial dirt has been conceived of as both out of place matter, along the understanding offered by Mary Douglas, as well as a tool of oppression. Through a far reaching treatment of dirt and the system of relations this word implies, this issue embarks on a quest for perspective in our understanding of human and more-than-human relations.

DIRT then becomes an opportunity to wonder about dirt in all its forms. What falls under the scope of DIRT? How is this concept used and to whose benefit? What should we change in both our conceptions of, as well as our relations to, dirt? What imaginations of dirt open up new speculative insights? And especially, what dirt will we leave behind us?”

Thematic issue of a zine about art and culture, published by the University of Amsterdam, with contributions by Anna Patzak, Niels Gercama, Lies Defever, Luca Penning, Seline Westerhof, Annanova van Kanten, Emily Rhodes, Rosa Marie Mulder, Marta Pagliuca Pelacani, Semâ Bekirović and Lizan Freijsen, text in English and Dutch, stapled, 22 x 17 cm, 62 pages, Amsterdam 2022