Woonwerkpand Tetterode  Zeggenschap Zonder Bezit

Theunissen, Marianne et al. (Eds.)

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A collection of images and texts documenting the development of Woonwerkpand Tetterode: an alternative residential housing project that began as a squat in 1981 and currently houses over 350 people. The project sees its residence being afforded greater freedom and autonomy than conventional housing complexes and thus exists as a space where artists, non-profit organisations and fledgling startups can thrive.

“The history of Tetterode shows how self-management leads to greater involvement that is not limited to the building, but also allows the building to play a social and cultural role in the neighbourhood and in the city. In short, a more meaningful way of living and working that many people are looking for.”

Text in Dutch only.

Soft cover, 30 x 24 cm, 136 pages, Amsterdam 2020

ISBN: 9789464022216