Verschoor, Roosje

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“The photo book Moengo! shows the past and present of the post-colonial and post-industrial town of Moengo (Suriname) through photographs taken by eleven young people from Moengo, in collaboration with me. In the book, the photographs are put in context by archival material and text.

The book was designed in such a way that, by folding out the covers, the index and sources can be viewed while reading. The numbers on the inside covers correspond to numbers that accompany the photographs. After photo number 187, an unfoldable map has been glued in: an artist impression by Surinamese artist Kenny van Genderen. A series of archival pictures of the Moengo mines was printed entirely in silver, in a glossy paper section.

A silver line runs down each page, dividing it into two columns, just as the layout of Moengo originally divided sections of the population. The color bronze was used to symbolise bauxite, which was mined in Moengo, and the color silver to symbolise the aluminium into which the bauxite was processed. The book is divided into sections: ‘the town and its inhabitants’ - ‘tradition’ - ‘architecture and planning’ - ‘mining’ - ‘economic circumstances’ - ‘the visit to stafdorp’. The book’s texts were written by me and the young Moengonese photographers.”

A photographic documentation of Moengo, a town in Suriname founded by the Aluminium Company of America (Alcoa) in 1916 for the purpose of mining bauxite, working together with young inhabitants of Moengo, Verschoor touches upon such topics as the colonial history and segregation imposed by Dutch governance, maroon culture, the local economy, the Interior War, pop culture, and other traces of foreign influence (USA. The Netherlands, China), photographs by Jean-Marc Asimia, Jair Benje, David Booi, Robbert Booi, Bast Dwight Djoe, Linio Kastiel, Luigi Kertosari, Jerusa Mainsie, Gideon Plein, Rossiano Toto and Edilson Watsaam, overseen by the author.

Soft cover, 30 x 22 cm, 112 not numbered pages, ed/500, n.p. 2020

ISBN: 978-90-830896-0-7