Sour Silk

Young, Judy

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„A book that brings together 59 original haiku poems and artworks. The book was printed in Lisbon with a print run of 75 copies during a residency at Zaratan Arte Contemporânea, Lisboa (Sept 2022). A further limited edition of 19 have been produced in Amsterdam“, Together with the concentrated format of Haiku poetry and her performative practice, she asks ‘how can I expand a poem from the two-dimensionality words of a page to a three-dimensional experience?“

„From the reading of “Sour Silk”, Judy Young presents a performative event that complements selected poems with soundscapes and scents. This live event results in an immersive and transpoetic experience that echoes the practice of “sound bathing” – a starting point for a multisensory ‘poetry performance’. Embodying her 11 years of yoga practice this outcome identifies as a ritual meditation.“, this is a copy oft the additional 19 copies, b/w, soft cover, 18 x 12 cm, 76 pages, n.p. 2022