41 Shot Glasses In Colour

Periam, Vanessa

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a colourful selection of shot glasses from across the globe photographed from multiple angles and reproduced in actual size, the glasses are generally delightfully kitschy with prints showing famous landmarks and other stereotypical images of the country or city they were bought in: ‘Tulips from Amsterdam’ we read on one shot glass featuring images of cannabis buds, while ‘Manneken Pis’ graces the side of a shot glass from Brussels shaped like a miniature beer tankard, and visitors to Alcatraz can bring back a somewhat tacky glass covered with typical prison items including a striped suit (called ‘pajamas’ here), brass knuckles (‘jewelry’) and a birthday cake containing a badly concealed saw, soft cover, 10,5 x 7,5 cm, 338 not numbered pages, 2nd ed, numbered/100, (London) 2018