Iannone, Dorothy

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“My desire in beginning the Cookbook long ago in 1968 was to have my favorite recipes always with me when I cooked for my peripatetic beloved who, although he loved the experience of arriving somewhere, loved the going away even more”, this is a facsimile edition of the artist’s beautiful, useful and rightfully famous cookbook, but this work is much more than a simple cookbook; it’s a work of art featuring visually stunning drawings, it’s a documentation of the artist’s life with Dieter Roth in the late sixties, and it’s an expression of intimate thoughts and feelings, whoever follows the recipes of this cookbook won’t be disappointed, soft cover with dust jacket, 30 x 24 cm, 60 pages, Zurich 2018

(the pages of this book have appeared before with the help of Boekie Woekie in a small edition as a print portfolio)

ISBN: 978-3-03764-488-1