Anselmo, Giovanni + Enrico Castellani + Maurizio Mochetti + Maurizio Nannucci

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“Galleria Fumagalli publishes the catalog ‘ACMN Giovanni Anselmo / Enrico Castellani / Maurizio Mochetti / Maurizio Nannucci’ of the homonymous exhibition held in the gallery spaces in Bergamo in 2011. The exhibition was conceived by Maurizio Nannucci with the complicity and collaboration of all the artists and critics involved and the curatorship of Annamaria Maggi. The project is the testimony of a cross-section of Italian art in its closer version to conceptual art, through the contribution of four of the most innovative and original protagonists of the international art scene. This book presents, to complete the exhibition and editorial project, the unpublished interviews by Alberto Fiz with Giovanni Anselmo and Maurizio Mochetti, a conversation by Bruno Corà with Enrico Castellani from 2011, and an interview by Hou Hanru to Maurizio Nannucci from 2015.”

Catalogue of four artists exhibiting at Galleria Fumagalli 2011, introduction by Annamaria Maggi, text in Italian and English, soft cover, 18,50 x 12,50 cm, 134 pages, Milano 2018