Stéfani-Law, Émilia

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Affleurer means to make two adjoining bodies flush with one another | The point where a rock formation is visible on the surface | Affleurement indicates that something hidden, forgotten, latent is surfacing and coming back to us.”

A series of photographs (bird’s-eye view) show natural landscapes such as forests, mountain slopes or the ocean; these particular views emphasise the vastness of the area, making the viewer feel quite small; the photographs also seemingly play with different textures and reliefs (the smooth waves of the ocean compared to rough rocky slopes dotted with puffs of bushes and trees); the photo series is accompanied by poetic phrases in French and English that elevate the scenes from the pictures, with a reflective text (English only) by Olivier Gaudin.

Soft cover, 31 x 19,5 cm, 80 not numbered pages, n.p. 2019

ISBN: 978-2-8052-0198-1