An Anecdoted Topography Of Chance

Spoerri, Daniel

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“arguably the most important and entertaining ‘Artist’s Book’ of the post-war period. This edition is the definitive appearance to date of a unique collaborative work by four artists associated with the FLUXUS and Nouveau Réalisme movements, and is substantially larger than the three previous versions published in France, the USA ad Germany.

What is the Topography? Hard to explain an idea so simple yet so brilliantly executed. Following a rambling conversation with his dear friend Robert Filiou, Daniel Spoerri one day mapped the objects lying at random on the table in his room, adding a rigorously scientific description of each. These these objects subsequently evoked associations, memories, anecdotes; not only from the original author, but from his friends as well: a beguiling creation was born”, with contributions by Robert Filliou, Emmett Williams, Dieter Roth and Roland Topor, translated from German by Malcolm Green, soft cover, 23 x 21 cm, 240 not numbered pages, London 1995