Pohle, Sascha

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“The title Attachments describes the actual attaching of hangers to the book pages, but also refers to emotional connections to objects.
Attachments presents an effect of unease and historical clumsiness. The cloth hangers attached to the image suggest various mimetic relationships - they imitate a sculpture’s gesture, posture, shape or material surface or they function as stylized parts that aid the sculptures to stand like new limbs and prothesises”

reproduced photographs from the series Attachments showing 8 pages from André Malraux’s book Le Mussée Imaginaire de la Sculpture Mondiale from 1952 to which clothes hangers have been fitted, with a text by Arnisa Zeqo added on a separate sheet

harmonica format, folded up 34 x 24 cm, unfolded 34 x 96 cm, ed/350, n.p. 2015