Baker Salon

Ting, Cheng

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“Since moving to London in 2010, Ting has been instilling in her creations the impact that a foreign language and culture has had on her. Nostalgia prompted her to bake homemade buns, which led to her making all sorts of buns*. Having always taken comfort in the rewards of handmaking, the artist was able to assuage her unease of being in a foreign place by baking. The kneading and baking of dough is her method of handling living abroad, a method which she extended to her interaction with people by braiding their hair. Thus, the Baker Salon series was born; by touching, arranging, and braiding other people’s hair, the artists creates temporary intimacy that has resulted in her hosting workshops related to Baker Salon. Consistent with her ideal and style of creating, Ting sees people as being halfway between a stage prop and a collaborator. Her interaction with the photographed subject is part of her creation, and the uncertainty that fills the process of creating is a key element to preserving the vitality and organic growth of her work.”

photographs of people with their backs facing the camera, they're all wearing braided hairstyles with braided bread buns attached to their hair — a pun on the fact that ‘bun’ can mean a baked good as well as a pinned-up hairdo, beautiful and simple photos that focus on texture and patterns, includes a recipe of the aforementioned braided bread, printed on glossy, really thick paper, 18,5 x 14 cm, 34 not numbered pages, ed/500, Taipei 2016

ISBN: 978-986-93595-0-4