Glitzer, Gloria

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“Hey Bliss!

You say the misery has ended and you love your body as it is. I find this very healing and would like to ask you if you would like to befriend me. Do you feel like it? Then I would not be alone, and I would have company, and we could form a community in which we take care of each other.

You really are like the sunrise. Don't you ever have doubts? Because I do. I try very hard, but sometimes I feel weak, I have fears, and I don't feel fit, fit, fit enough for anything. Just look at me: my body is the product of my work and becomes more and more the mirror of our society.

 Work-life-balance: Hahahaha when will the collapse come?

 Times are just challenging. But Bliss, please tell me, in your life is there not just awakening, love, and freedom of being?”

A book that playfully looks at the work-life-balance that is so commonly a part of western social structures. The working body and our relationship with our bodies form the subject. GG isolates phrases alongside reference imagery and graphics to convey this - "My work body, is a product of society"; a series of colourful graphics and digital collages printed on glossy pages and held together with a colourful band with gemstone.

Stapled, 30 x 21 cm, 32 not numbered pages, Berlin 2021