Bonduelle, Linus + Pommelien Koolen

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“… a collection of poems for a scrambled era written by Linus Bonduelle, who, during the early pandemic period, punched his pillow with poetry every evening and felt better for it. The collection is illustrated with offbeat precision by artist Pommelien Koolen, and cleverly designed by Linus and Pom with a snug wrap-around flap in the tradition of important bureaucratic mail that you normally open with trepidation but here with glad curiosity.

Through their close collaboration, limber poet Linus and meticulous inker Pom employ Seussian logic to deconstruct our illogical times, and the off-kilter askewity of interpersonal relationships, through hopscotching verse and Goreyesque drawings that are like first-aid posters sniffing licorice”, a collection of well-matched poems and pen drawings, soft cover with an additional flap, 18,5 x 11,5 cm, 32 not numbered pages, ed/400, Jeżowa Woda 2022