Gray, Carmen + Alex Zeta

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“The publication compiles a collection of images from the pieces used to form the duo show Burnout, that took place in Plou Studi in Valencia, Spain, March 2022. The other half of the images are the documentation of the fire that broke out in the studio in Amsterdam Noord while preparing the exhibition.”

A catalogue and photographic and textual documentation tracing the creation of many colourful ceramic works (candle holders, ashtrays, and even ceramic cigarettes) as well as the moment and aftermath of an exhibition display featuring said ceramic works catching fire. 

With a text in English and Spanish by Alina Lupu as well as an illustrated index of works printed on a fold-out page, translation by Andrew Gray, design by Blanca Crovetto, asymmetrically ring-bound, with a ‘smoky’ transparent front cover, 27 x 19,5 cm, 66 pages, ed/50, Amsterdam 2022