Clod Magazine Issue 37

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“Clod Magazine is the long-term work of two sets of brothers. It began in 1987, and the same team of four individuals is soon to release its 38th edition at Bergen Book Fair 2023.

Clod Magazine is satirical, fictional, and famous for ‘half-joking’. (This also means it is famous for being ‘half-serious’).

Clod is a small press publisher based in the semi-industrial, insignificant southern back-water of Luton town, in the UK.

Clod has an average run of 200 copies per issue, and is only ever available in paper format.

Clod also releases related editions such as the Guinness World Record listed “Luton Haiku” poetry books, Manifestoes, Adult Colouring book, photographic editions, etc.

Clod is an unsponsored and self-funded entity, which remains at the core of our inspiration, alongside our pursuit of semi-humorous, semi-serious creative writing.

Regular features include ‘imagined’ magazine reviews, Facishion News from Darek Jeans, P.Stabber’s Aphorisms, existential cartoon heroes ‘Robust and Snout’, ‘The Answers to Last Week’s Quiz’ ‘imagined’ Letters Pages, etc.”

Magazine filled with illustrated comedic articles. The graphic design is not done on a computer but with scissors and glue. Contributions from many, stapled, 21 x 14,5 cm, 52 pages, numbered ed/200, Luton n.d.