Cloudbuster Project Maroc

Keller, Christoph

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“we started the cloudbuster-operations in the night between tuesday and wednesday from hicham’s compound and it took another day to the night until the first raindrops fell. we had a great new metal-tripod built in the meantime in amizmiz. the following day we moved operations upstream from tizfrit. it was usually hicham, fahd and i conducting the operations and discussing the way to proceed. dense clouds appeared during that day and in the night a strange ring of dark clouds was to be seen over this region, of which the villagers said that they had never seen the like before…”, the text on the cover and the dozens of full-colour photographs arranged on the pages document a recreation of Wilhelm Reich’s infamous atmospheric experiments, this time conducted in the Atlas region of Morocco, soft cover, 17 x 11 cm, 192 not numbered pages, (Berlin) 2010