Confessions Of A Poor Collector

Schwartz, Eugene M.

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How to build a worthwhile art collection with the least possible money;

„The new edition of the out-of-print facsimile from 1970, in which Schwartz explains his philosophy of collecting art and how to achieve a successful art collection in simple steps.

Schwartz was a copywriter and author of several successful books on advertising. Together with his wife Barbara Schwartz, he assembled one of the most important collections of contemporary American art at the time. They generously donated hundreds of important works from their collection to institutions in the USA“

 „…the only important thing about this art, as any art, is the art itself. Not its monetary value, not its social prestige, not its public relations leverage, not the artists themselves, and not the fact that you collected them first. The only thing that counts – the only prize in the game – is who ends up with the paintings“ –Eugene M. Schwartz

Important advice for aspiring art collectors on a budget, sewn, 14 x 9 cm, 40 not numbered pages, second edition Stuttgart 2012