CUM Cut-Up Manifesto

Valletta, Lula

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an artistic and political manifesto consisting of visibly cut and paste printed-text collages in concrete-poem-like arrangements printed on large newspaper-like sheets, with a much enlarged photograph of a crushed beetle on the cover and another large picture of a spaghetti tangle of worms on the centre pages, with a poetic introduction to CUM by Mr. Pelham printed on the smaller brown pages published as part of an exhibition at Art Chapel in Amsterdam, with an index of the works that were cut up and rearranged; in short, a rousing and revolutionary reading experience;


“WE DENOUNCE the word, worms, everything nice

WE DENOUNCE such an idea, or such and such a woman

WE DENOUNCE an adult man in full development

WE DENOUNCE an absentmindedness regarding women

WE DENOUNCE a statue, a steamer, a car, a plane...

WE DENOUNCE hands, hands

WE DENOUNCE the supreme task of art


I don’t want words”


stapled, 42 x 29 cm, 20 not numbered pages, ed/20, Amsterdam 2019