Dawn Of Europe

Lutz, Georg

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the result of a two-year journey through the European Union focusing on current political issues such as the rise of right-wing extremism, the refugee crisis and terrorist attacks, Lutz captures these issues by photographing sites and objects in Warsaw, Athens, Bratislava, Veľká Mača, Lesbos, Röszke, Calabria, Sesto San Giovanni, Westerngrund, Calais, Dover, Thessaloniki, Marseille, Heilbronn, Bonn, Paris, Eleftherio-Kordelio, Vienna, and Parndorf,  at first glance, the subjects of Lutz's photographs seem rather non-descript but gain meaning and significance at closer inspection and are further contextualised by reflective essays by Shumon T. Hussain, Fabian Kassner, Clemens Ottnad, Marian Rupp and Susanne Weiß,  soft cover, 28 x 20,5 cm, 242 pages, Stuttgart 2019

ISBN: 987-3-00-063829-9