Assile, Njaay Mame Saliou

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Experimental writings weaving various subjects (e.g. dictators, deer, an unusual Hollywood film, pirates, deadly bowel movements and a giraffe) into a surreal flow, as much a reflection on telling stories as it is a story in itself.

Alternately printed on the blank side of sheets of already printed-on paper (pages with letters printed black on white) and other parts with all but the letters printed in black, indicating ‘inside’ vs. ‘outside’ of the story.

Glue bound, no cover, front page with an image delicately screen printed in soft colours referring to the title of the work and the story contained therein, 15 x 10,5 cm, 192 192 partially numbered pages, signed and numbered/3 for ‘Boekie Woekie’, n.p. 2022