Drawings And Correspondence

Nicholson, Tom

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“The eight large charcoal drawings in Drawings and correspondence are based on fragments of a single anonymous archival photograph held in the collection of the State Library of Victoria, which captured a ‘native encampment’: a short-lived nineteenth century ethnographic display in the Melbourne Zoo. The accompanying artist’s book consists of an imaginary email correspondence which indirectly describes narratives around the ‘encampment’; a labyrinth of stories built around the picture making of the Zoo director’s wife based on the recollections of her husband’s childhood on the Goulburn River. The text, like the drawings themselves, comes to gravitate around the nature of picture making, its imaginary spaces and its limits, and around the nature of drawing as an activity in the face of history”, published as an accompaniment to an exhibition, imaginary e-mails illustrated with archive material, with a poster stapled in the middle, text in English, stapled, 20 x 15 cm, 44 not numbered pages, Melbourne 2011