Everybody’s Card

Derks, Martine + Xavier Fernandez

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named after a popular card game, this publications collects ‘cards’ of all sorts and purposes (e.g. playing cards, instructional illustrations from card playing manuals, but also the generic images found in newly-bought picture frames), the cards are reproduced in life size, sometimes collaged or altered with marker, scissors or white-out; a striking visual theme can be traced throughout this collection: while the first couple of images include pictures of people, depictions of human beings grow sparse and spectral toward the end of the collection, except for vague human outlines or disembodied hands there is hardly a trace of human individuality, sometimes the hands are cut-outs floating on the pages, sometimes the people in the pictures have been completely erased except for their hands, the trick played in this publication is not so much a card trick but disappearing trick, sewn, in transparent plastic cover, 30,5 x 19,5 cm, 60 not numbered pages, ed/700, (Amsterdam) 2011

ISBN: 978-90-817584-0-6