False Witness

Cennetoğlu, Banu

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“A corpus can be thought of as a collection of information gathered according to particular principles for some particular purpose; which is a collection where several kinds of information are stored simply because each individual one is of interest by itself.

By interfering in the source data the corpus does temporarily claim to exist as a whole although the parts that make the body were not supposed to co-exist.”

a series of full-page colour photographs documenting the centre for asylum seekers in Ter Apel in the Netherlands as well as scenes that appear to take place in Turkey, the photographs are preceded and contextualised by edited and revised textual data from the database of the Registration Centre of the Ter Apel asylum, the result is a corpus of sentences all containing the word ‘measure’, otherwise the sentences seem to have very little in common and appear to have been taken from vastly different contexts, the juxtaposition with the sequence of photographs invites the reader to look for a similar thread running through the collection of visual data, to find the ‘measure’ in each photograph; meanwhile, the title of this work seems to invite discussion about the status of forms of data or information that are susceptible to manipulation, hard cover, 25 x 19 cm, 75 not numbered pages, Amsterdam 2003

ISBN: 978-90-802700-4-0