For A Fish Tank Or A Parking Lot

Keller, Daniel

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“In his work, Keller examines connections between materials and materialities, architecture and architectural elements—in the real world as well as in models.FOR A FISH TANK OR A PARKING LOT is simultaneously a work of research, collection, and fiction. Keller researches the ecological and cultural significance of gravel and sand, which play a major role in the composition of the earth’s surface, at least in our latitudes, as valuable resources and important components of concrete. A photographic collection of pebbles—printed on almost translucent paper—forms the grid-like, even rigid structure of the book. With a focus on the different shapes and surfaces of the individual stones, the anonymous mass of this basic material of our built environment dissolves into countless individuals”, soft cover, 27 x 21,5 cm, 512 pages, St. Gallen 2018