Hybrid Heads

Dossi, Daniela

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Hybrid Heads - A decoding method to design open narratives and dynamic identities - by Daniela Dossi.

“Headdresses and coverings are among the most powerful vehicles of cultural identity, referring variously to nationality, gender, ethnicity, religion, profession and subculture. As part of a cultural identity, they can be used to distinguish or divide people, but may also serve as a constructive instrument that allows us to recognise mutual difference as common value.”

Dossi examines the dynamics of identity and representation through the lens of design. The research developed into a visual archive and as a textile project, creating preliminary hybrid headdresses. All resulting from the artist-run residency at Monoeuvre in Ghent’s Rabot neighbourhood.

This book exists as an open framework that aims to create new relations between identification. Visual culture, fashion, design, education and craft.