Imaginary Flower Therapy

Behr, Angéline

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“What if floral arrangement could help fighting stress? The answer is in this guide book to serenity.

A graduation project for the Design Academy Eindhoven.

What is proposed here has nothing to do with floral decoration. In this book, I present the method I developed for fighting anxiety and stress, a therapy imagined from floral compositions, an Imaginary Flower Therapy. This method refers to the many myths based on the meaning and the power of flowers. Medicinal plants that heal the soul, bouquets of flowers that convey secret messages, cultures that lend mysterious powers to plants. Is this reality, folklore, white magic, shamanism, placebo effect, autosuggestion, New Age business? It does not matter; you just have to believe in it.

If flowers have magic properties, why not use them to fight the sorrows of our modern life? Lack of money, time, self-confidence, sleep, ideas, trouble in communicating, in making a choice, fear of failure, fear of the future: this is what I personally experienced during my graduation year, a period of deep anxiety. Thus, I imagined a therapeutic practice that could use a floral composition as a vector to overcome the difficulties I encountered.”

For each desire or ailment the reader may find an illustrated lexicon of flowers and still lives or arrangements of flowers and household items that are imbued with healing power, soft cover, 24 x 17 cm, 228 pages, signed and numbered/20, n.p. 2021

ISBN: 9789090350172