Imagine Observe Remember

Blegvad, Peter

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“Forty-five years ago, when I began doing comparative drawings of things imagined, observed and remembered. I was an illustrator looking for a story to illustrate. Something with a beginning, middle and end. Imagine, Observe, Remember is what I came up with. It began as a way to think about illustration. It became a way of using illustration to think about imagining, observing and remembering. It’s a kind of phenomenology project, a way to look at different ways of looking and seeing, using the means at my disposal, using myself as subject.”

An encyclopaedia-like work (though never dry) that documents a personal exploration of the relationship between mind and image, richly illustrated of course, soft cover, 23,5 x 14,5 cm, 250 pages, Axminster 2020

ISBN 987-1-910010-25-9