In One Hundred Thousand Yearsw

OSW (Open spatial workshop: Terri Bird, Bianca Hester, Scott Mitchell)

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the complete guide to Open Spatial Workshop, “[t]his book represents, intrudes upon, manipulates, appends, critiques and republishes the Australian artist collective Open Spatial Workshop … Content for this book was gathered and generated under three broad categories: materiality, collaboration and administration. Many of the pages reflect these concerns simultaneously and while there are no explicit chapters with these titles, you may nevertheless discern that content gathers loosely into these groups, or related subgroups”, Open Spatial Workshop consists of Terri Bird, Bianca Hestel, and Scott Mitchell, with contributions by many participants, texts accompanied by many miscellaneous illustrations, soft cover, 19 x 14 cm, 256 pages, 1-48 (upside down in the back) pages, every page from Converging in Time (384 pages) overlaid to fit in 48 pages, Melbourne 2017