In Situ

Gerssen, Bertus

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In situ is an ode to the people of the Hague’s underground music scene. It is a result of a three year photography quest, visiting underground venues. Places run by enthusiastic people giving their all and everything.

In a former life I was a molecular biologist. In biology, in situ stands for the study of processes in a living cell. The Hague’s music scene shows parallels with a cell. Like the cell, it is compartmentalised, yet people are criss-crossing through the city visiting shows organised seemingly at random. You have to ‘be in the know’ (via friends, or friends of friends) in order to be aware of its existence. It’s a hidden world. To make this documentary I went in situ”, a photo-documentary of the underground music scene in The Hague, with a prologue by Guy Taveres, text in Dutch and English, sewn, 24 x 18 cm, 180 not numbered pages, ed/300, Den Haag 2017