In the Round – Renewal

Kelder Press

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“’In the Round' is an experimental publishing platform initiated by KELDER PRESS, exploring a specific theme with each new volume. In sculpture ‘in the round’ refers to the shift from sculpting in ‘relief’—carved against a ground—to sculpting a truly three-dimensional form that stands free, with all sides shown. In theatre ‘in the round’ refers to an audience being on at least three sides of the stage, able to view a performance in a more immersive manner, allowing for an active (at times disruptive) participation from the audience. A general meaning for the phrase is simply a case, issue (or theme) dealt with thoroughly, with all factors taken into consideration. The project proposes to take a specific theme or issue and attempt to deal with it ‘in the round’. Through multiple printed texts and images, digital outputs, and live events, a kind of intertextuality between contributions will be formed that begins to feel almost sculptural as more layers are added over time, each one reacting to the last in a continuing gesture of performativity. Renewal, the first theme to be taken up for In the Round, was chosen in response to our contemporary position and the dramatic, historically unparalleled, interruption to normality we have experienced in society. There is the sense that we are living in an irrevocably changed world, but one that is open to revision, regeneration and improvement.“

A collection of illustrated essays and reflective writings in three parts, with contributions by:

– Act One. Lucy Mercer with Jamie Shovlin

– Act Two. Sam Buchan-Watts with Tom Rees

– Act Three. Daisy Lafarge with Brigid Elva

A paper folder (21 x 12,5 cm) containing 3 volumes (sewn binding) with 3 loose inserts, held together by a paper band, each volume 16 pages, London 2021

ISBN 978-1-8381990-0-5