La Búsqueda De La Felicidad

García, Emmanuel

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‘La Búsqueda De La Felicidad’ (‘The Search For Happiness’) presents a series of characters from popular culture such as cartoon and comic book characters, the result is a story with no particular plot consisting of collaged riso-printed pop characters, mostly distressed or lamenting female characters who seem to have encountered (often man-shaped) obstacles on their quest for happiness, still, the final page seems to promise a happy ending; a vibrant and colourful journey through printed pop culture that, in the words of the artist, strives to ‘revive the collective graphic memory of the city’, text in Spanish, comes with a small original letterpress (signed and numbered/100) in a little envelope, hard cover in printed-on dust jacket, 21,5 x 14 cm, 52 not numbered pages, ed/100, Mexico City 2019