Making Miso

Hirose, Erika

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“Erika Hirose is a miso brewer based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Using traditional technique from her native Japan, she makes miso from local Dutch ingredients, creating an amazingly delicious product that is prized by everyone from home cooks to Michelin-starred chefs.

Making Miso is an unusual book. Comprised of diary entries and photographs, it covers a period in Erika’s life when she travelled the world, experienced much joy and sorrow, and gradually came to the decision that she wanted to make miso for a living. It’s not a how-to guide to making miso, but an intimate and personal story about embracing life, and engaging with the past and present to create something new.”

A work that explores the parallels between emotions and miso, both of which grow milder over time, with diary fragments, travel and family photographs, and several recipes in the back, soft cover, 19 x 12 cm, 76 pages, Rotterdam (2022)