Farabegoli, Mirka

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“Mannigfuald is the mythical ship that brought the Frisian people to the Netherlands. The ship was constructed from the entire Frisian fleet; all the ships where broken down and the wood was used to build one enormous vessel containing the entire Frisian population. It is rumoured the ship was so large that the captain had to ride around on a horse to shout instructions to the crew and the cook needed a small boat and oars to stir the soup.

The story of the Mannigfuald comes from a collection of Frisian Myths and Sagas by J.P. Wiersma. The image of this mythical ship is a metaphor for the project I'm embarking on; to explore folklore, sagas, legends, storytelling and local superstition in Europe and find a connecting factor. Like the Mannigfuald was built out of several ships I want to build a body of art based on the scattered stories of different European cultures. It strikes me how each country, region and village has their own defining myths but how, at the same time, there seem to be lots of similarities between these different stories throughout Europe (and beyond).

I'm also fascinated by more contemporary storytelling and the phenomenon of inventing myths and projecting them into the past”, a richly illustrated cross section of the artist’s exhibitions, projects and collaborations, with text contributions by Tsead Bruinja, Inge Pollet, Joost Oomen, Carel Lanters, and Lieneke Hulshof, text in Dutch and English, soft cover, 21 x 24 cm, 94 pages, Groningen 2017