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Bog Bodies Press

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“Bog Bodies is a student publishing house currently based in Eindhoven, with the desire to create and foster knowledge and exchange in much the same way the bog does - holding people and artifacts that may historically have been sidelined, encouraging them to exist over and in a multitude of timelines and tending to them gently so that they can change and reform with their core still intact.”

This first issue contains contributions by kostek konopinski, zoé bruhat, pati fixl, franz, lucy hodge-sellers, mathieu kelhetter, nancy martin, åsa yli-luoma, lilou angelrath, camille, mahaut bonnel-emerand, alba ala-pietilä, réiltin o'hagan, joely lorenzen, tom shaw, weronika grec, sarah agerbæk, luca monnerjan, aleksandra fixl, lara, jonas dannacher, lucas garvey, iseult o'hagan, cami, sara blosseville, anwyn howarth, viivi yli luoma, alicja wawryn, kiki astner, boye leborg, melissa-poupouille and anonymous.

Stapled, 21 x 15 cm, 54 pages, ed/150, Eindhoven 2023