Mo’jam Al’Arabeia

Khelil, Farah + Antoine Lefebvre

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“This project is the fruit of a very special encounter with an object…

After the death of her grandfather in 2012, Farah Khelil explored his library and found an old family dictionary in Arabic (Mo’jam Arabia), at least what was left of it, for it had been devoured by book eaters. She decided to collect some fragments without knowing what she would do with them. Impressed by how carefully cut the pieces were, she wanted to transform them into artworks that would honour the memory of her grandfather.

Because she knew how important the book object is in my artistic practice, she showed me the fragments and suggested that we create an exhibition about bookworms at the gallery A.GORGI in her hometown Sidi Bou Said.

The book is made from the 108 pages that hadn’t been eaten. We cleared all the text and replaced it with original content, artistic contributions and commissioned texts.”

Reproduced texts and images from a disintegrated old Arabic dictionary supplemented with contributions by the artists and Barbara Denis-Morel, with 2 postcards and two inserts, texts in French, Arabic or English, soft cover, 21,5 x 14 cm, 108 pages, ed/500, Paris 2015