Movements Of Emotions

Ziegler, Ella

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“The artist publication «Movement of Emotions» examines in four volumes inter- personal interactions and movements, as well as their atmospheric resonances in social, physical and emotional space. Ella Ziegler is interested in how biography, culture and ideology inscribe themselves into our individual and collective memorial body and how personal, social and political spaces are permanently constituted through conscious and unconscious body language.

The four books Defence, Does the Ground Feel the Tears?, Three Minutes Third Space, and Feigned Unconsciousness are a differentiated observation and investigation of culturally variable emotionally motivated body languages that are learned in the course of a lifetime and intuitively expressed and decoded in familiar contexts. Ella Ziegler transcribes memories and conversations into detailed descriptions of actions and transforms quotations into poetic narratives.

The interweaving of image, text and monochrome colour surfaces creates four different reference spaces, each with its own rhythm and open syntax.”

Soft cover, 20 x 14 cm, 4 volumes with together too many pages to count, München Zürich 2020

ISBN: 978-3-945900-47-5