On Dihn Dong

Students of Städelschule

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“Project publication by the class of Prof Simon Starling, Vietnam trip, Städelschule Frankfurt am Main 2013.”

“This ambitious, energetic and undoubtedly at times wrong-headed project generated far more questions than it could ever hope to answer. What it initiated in terms of collaboration, friendship and learning will I suspect take sometime to fully understand. For the class it initiated conversations and collaborations perhaps inconceivable in the more familiar and guarded setting of a European art academy – conversations and collaborations which we are now attempting to reignite through the realisation of, among other things; a film, a two-day continuation of the mobile art academy in collaboration with Berlin’s Vietnamese diaspora and the exhibition space District, and indeed the appropriately fragmented and open-ended publication you have in your hand.”

text and photo contributions by many participants, 3x stapled booklets held together by a folded poster with an introductory text by Starling, text in English and Vietnamese, 21 x 16 cm each, 82 pages together, Germany & Vietnam 2013