One Time One Million

Kriemann, Suzanne

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“An original Swedish Hasselblad camera is the point of departure for ‘One Time One Million’ (2006-2009). Because the camera dates from 1942, this object launched Kriemann straight back into history. Kriemann succeeds in pushing the concrete politics that adhere to this object into the background. That gives her room to say much more than she would have had a chance to say in a specifically political context: she can bring clusters together in new images, make new connections, rearrange things, tinker around, and thus arrive at new insights.”

an insightful and innovative approach to an antique camera; sequences of photographs in b/w and in colour accompanied by texts in English, some translated into Swedish, by Cecilia Widenheim, Dieter Roelstraete, Aleksander Komarov, Sören Gunnarsson, Ulrika Flink and Ida Lowgren, this work was based on the biography of pioneering Swedish photographer Victor Hasselblad (1906-1978) who specialised in photographing birds and aerial (bird’s eye view) photography, published on the occasion of an exhibition at Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam, hard cover, 28 x 23 cm, 122 not numbered pages, ed/750, Amsterdam 2009

ISBN: 978-90-77459-35-5